Trackside Support

With the combined skillset of our team, we are able to offer all elements of track support. Whether you require a Race Engineer, Data Engineer, Mechanic, or something else, we are well experienced in all fields of the running of a race car. We can provide personnel to assist you at track days, test days and full race meets. Should you be looking for a team to run your car, this is also something we can fulfill. We possess all necessary equipment required to run most race cars for a full weekend of racing and are well experienced working with a variety of cars and with people at different stages of the motorsport ladder.

Race Car Preparation

Here on site we are able to offer flat floor set up, corner weight adjustment and wheel alignment. This includes bump steer, camber, caster measuring and adjustment. We also have suspension geometry programs which we are able to use when looking to optimise/enhance chassis set up. We also possess a damper dyno where we are able to produce damper graphs and investigate the sensitivity of the valving and how the adjustments available will affect the behaviour of the damper. We also have experience of taking cars to a four post rig to find a close to optimal setup that best suits the tyres and chassis compliance.

Restoration Work

Having worked in the industry for many years, we have seen and have worked with a large array of race cars and know how things should be. We have experience of restoring race cars to a safe, functional, race worthy condition as well completing the aesthetics, to even take cars back to original condition. We have recently restored from the chassis up, a Ferrari GT1 car from an unloved condition, back into something that turns heads. Another project we are currently undertaking is the conversion of two early LMP1 cars back into the original factory livery, sourcing paint and artwork to ensure it is as was.

3D Design

We have the resources to be able to design, model and produce drawings for parts on site. We can design simple parts to surfacing and whole vehicle assemblies. We make sure that our designs are manufacturable and are able to design the tooling require to make the parts too.

Reverse Engineering

As well as using measuring techniques, we also have a 3D scanner at our disposal, allowing us to reverse engineer all sorts. We are able to replicate parts and produce bespoke mating parts to a high quality. We have also scanned irreplaceable parts of some historics/rare race cars, where these parts are no longer available. This allows us to document parts on the car, almost as an insurance policy, and then should anything happen to the vehicle, we can then reproduce the necessary parts to repair and replace broken items.


We have a range of facilities to hand including turning and milling machines along with both Mig and Tig welding available. We have also developed an extensive network of external companies and machinists to allow us to manufacture parts in the most efficient manner.

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